World’s Youngest F4 Race Car Driver from Toronto is Revved Up for the NACAM Championship Races

World’s Youngest F4 Race Car Driver from Toronto is Revved Up for the NACAM Championship Races

He’s an international celebrity from Toronto, and next weekend motorsport fans from around the world will be cheering him on his quest for his next big win at the NACAM Formula 4 Championship in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Meet Nico Christodoulou, also known as ‘Nico’ or ‘Nacho’ in the race-car world, and he will be racing on both December 14th and 15th to earn a spot on the Podium.

The momentum behind him is truly electrifying.

On October 26, Nico won the season-opening race for the NACAM Championship at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Mexico City in front of a sold-out crowd of 345,000. He zipped over the finish line with pure precision and confidence, and right after the crowd rose to its feet and cheered as he waved and smiled from the Grandstand Podium.

That’s right – he took home a big win for Canada and Ontario and there’s no stopping this teenager who is full of talent behind the wheel.

Nico was recently featured on CBS News -Houston, Speed City Radio on Talk 1370AM Radio-Austin, and in the Canadian Greek Reporter, and according to media, fans, and motorsport coaches and critics alike, he is poised to be a popular Formula 1 competitor in the very near future.

Fans in Mexico adore his need for speed, dedication, and genuine personality out of the car. This is why he goes by the nickname “Nacho” among fans in Mexico – he’s the “good guy” who deserves to always win!

“I went from Karting to F4 in a fast amount of time, and it’s totally amazing to compete with race car drivers from around the world who are older than me,” says Nico. “Ever since I was very young, I have always wanted to be a race car driver and now I am living that dream – it’s an unreal feeling… I mean just incredible. Racing at the Grand Prix in October was one of the best experiences in my career and I know there will be tons more like it.”

He adds, “I am so incredibly revved up for next weekend’s NACAM races in Mexico. I have spent my time juggling school, homework, exercising, and traveling to Houston for training, and I just can’t wait to put the pedal to the metal and win it all for Canada and Ontario! I want to make everyone proud, and I am very grateful with the support from my sponsors – Regal Security Inc. and ICC Property Management Ltd. – and my family, coaches, team, and friends. #Livetorace – this is my passion and I know all the support and hard work will soon help me line-up on the Formula 1 Grid!”

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